Our Teachers

Sonja Parrott, ARCT, LLCM

Sonja was first introduced to Colourstrings as a parent attending classes with her two children. She was  immediately captivated and began to get involved. Since then she has completed training in both Colourstrings Music and Movement (kindergarten) and Colourkeys (Piano) with International trainers Yvonne Wyroslawska and Heidi Saario. Sonja was a teacher at the Colourstrings Conservatory and the VSO School of Music in Vancouver Canada from 2013-2016 before moving to New Zealand.  At both Vancouver locations Sonja was privileged to work closely with experienced and influencial Colourstrings teachers Laura Hasthorpe and Cheryl Dennett.  

Having achieved honours in piano performance through the Royal Conservatory of Music Toronto (Canada) and the London College of Music (U.K.), Sonja has always had a passion for music.  Now with children of her own, the focus has shifted and she has come to realize the importance of providing children with high quality music training from a young age.  She believes the Colourstrings approach helps to develop important musical and non-musical skills in children, giving them an intrinsic understanding of music and a head start in their future musical pursuits.  

Parent Quotes

“We have really enjoyed coming to the classes. A good teacher makes all the difference and Sonja has been amazing. Thank you so much!” – (parent from a baby class)

“I firmly believe there are good teachers and there are great teachers, the kind you remember for your whole life. And Sonja is one of the great ones.” (parent from a one-year old class)

“Great program and wonderful teacher. Sonja is amazing!” (parent from a two-year old class)

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