Frequently Asked Questions

How are age-specific classes different from each other?

At Colourstrings we believe that every child has an amazing capacity to learn.  It’s important not to under-estimate what they are capable of, even from the youngest age.  Each age and stage is different, and classes are targeted specifically for each age group. Although some of the same songs, such as the Singing Rascals songs (from the books) are used throughout all of the classes, they are applied in unique, developmentally appropriate ways for each age group.

Baby Classes (3-14 months) are multi-sensory and tactile, with lots of bouncing, cuddling, tickling songs and rhymes.  Baby feels the pulse (or beat) of the music through bounces, tapping, and movement, and their musical hearing is developed by listening to you sing!  These classes can be a really special bonding time between mum and baby, and also a great way to meet other mums. Musical concepts including: pulse, dynamics, pitch, and tempo are experienced in every class.

1-2 Year Old Classes.  Little ones at this age are ready to MOVE and EXPLORE!  1-2 year olds can begin to participate in action songs, and even start singing along!  Although children may not always show their participation in the class, they are learning and taking it all in.  It’s very common for children to sing and show actions of the songs they’re learning at home before doing it in a class setting.  Musical concepts including pulse, dynamics, pitch, and tempo are practised in every class. Learning is supported with parent/carer participation throughout the class.

2-3 Year Olds.  Children begin to develop confidence and independence to participate in singing, actions, and playing percussion instruments in a group setting.  Imagination, creativity and improvisation are all explored through action songs and movement. Musical concepts including pulse, dynamics, pitch, tempo are practised with instruments and movement in every class.  Rhythm is introduced. Learning is supported with parent/carer participation throughout the class.

3-5 Year Olds. Children come to classes on their own at this age.  This can be great preparation for a kindergarten and/or school setting.  Musical concepts are explored and practised including: keeping a steady beat, learning about rhythm, pitch and pitch-matching, tempo, dynamics.  Skills are developed through singing games, call-and-answer songs, playing instruments, and movement.

How is Mamas Sing! different from Colourstrings?

Colourstrings classes are focused on the child, and their development (musically and socially).  Mamas Sing! is a chance for parents to take a moment out of their week to do something they enjoy. Meet some new friends, get together and sing, focus on learning new things.  Children are always welcome to participate in the singing as well (either actively or passively), and instruments and soft toys will be provided.

Can I try out a class for free?

The Free First Class Offer is for families who are new to Colourstrings and/or Mamas Sing Parents Choir.  If you decide to sign up for a term after trying out a class, the current term rate for that class will apply, and will not be further discounted.  If you continue on a casual basis, the drop-in rate will apply from your second week of attendance.

I’ve already done one term, will the next term be a repeat of what we did last term?

At Colourstrings we progress on what we have learned each term and each term is different.  

What type of music will we do?

Colourstrings is based on the Kodály philosophy of developing musicianship through singing and movement before learning an instrument, enabling a much deeper understanding of musical concepts.

Singing Rascals songs are the basis of what we use in each class.  Each song from the books and CDs is tailored for learning one or more specific musical concepts.  We also use Nursery Rhymes, Singing Games, and other popular children’s songs to support our learning.

Do I have to sing?

Children will copy what you do, so when you sing along and participate, they will feel comfortable to do the same.  To make the most of your Colourstrings experience, please be prepared to engage fully in the class with your child.

My child doesn’t seem to be participating in the classes, what should I do?

It can take up to 3-4 consecutive classes for children to “settle in” to the routine of the class.  Although classes are different in content, they do follow a familiar routine that children will begin to recognize.  Be patient as even if your child may look like they’re not participating, they will be observing, and will often be able to demonstrate their skills at a later stage.   It’s very common for children to sing and show actions of the songs they’re learning at home before doing it in a class setting.

Can I bring my child’s younger / older sibling along?

Siblings are welcome to attend the classes that have parent involvement (Baby and Toddler classes) free of charge, provided there is space available in the class. Please specify the sibling’s name and age on the enrolment form.

I can’t make the full term, can I attend casually?

Drop-in classes are available provided the class is not full.  Please contact us on before dropping in where possible.  

Drop-in rates: $8 for Baby Classes / $10 for Toddler and Preschool age classes / $8 for Mamas Sing! Choir

I have signed up for the full term but will be missing one or more classes, what can I do?

Unfortunately, due to the deeply discounted term fees, no refunds can be given for classes not attended.  If for some reason you signed up for the term and can no longer attend, a transfer to the following term may be possible.  Please contact us (

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